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The Imperfect poem : Chasing the Mirage

I wait for the New year,

Right from the Second day of the current year,

With some disappointment and some tear,

With a thought, I will try to start with perfection next year,

The entire year goes past, running and jumping, spinning around,

I keep gearing up, in thoughts and improvements I surround,

This time it will be different, this time it will be a better sound,

With deep unsettling fear lingering, deep down knowing,

Again will get pound, thrown round and round.

Yet, instead of living the current day with a few mistake here and there,

With a bit of passion and improvement, even if on the first gear,

I still end up waiting for the next year,

With sad gusto and cheer.

Perfectionism holds a grip, with just give and give, but no take,

It’s a constant striving, a daunting process, never to break.

A week before the new cycle,

I give the mission an enthusiastic disruptive title,

Thinking this will be the final,

Final duration of me being on this crazy motorcycle,

I prepare the schedule, I prepare the habits,

I prepare my resolutions, declare shout aloud my last gambit,

I submit,

Fear I admit,

his will be the perfect year, won’t need any edit,

I take my supplies, and bid farewell, to yet another year I did not make count,

Again to open my eyes, on the second day, disheartened and with nothing to account.

I mimic this behavior from year to month to day alike,

With the insanity of waiting for the next year climbing the roof,

I thought why not just do this same charade as a weekly spoof,

Again the same thing happens, again the same emotion swell,

Again from a new height, weekly the same person fell,

Started noticing this in my writing punctuality,

A fresh notebook, a crisp, blank page,

Demands the perfect words to engage;

But now it’s a formality.

Notepads, notebooks, diaries started piling,

This perfection had teamed up with procrastination,

This unstoppable force compiling.

Soon, logical swing for doing the destructive pattern daily enlightened,

Thinking of the same cons, same issues made the concerns heightened,

It took years for me to accept,

It took me tons of introspection, my values and belief to suspect,

We neither live from year to year,

Neither week to week,

But we live every moment,

Only truth that is poignant.

Do not keep waiting for a distant future,

The best time to do something is now, now, now develop this culture,

As far as perfection is concerned,

I would say it’s a gift that is earned,

Through the act of practicing daily how ever be the result returned,

Persistence is the one that need to be learned,

This living every moment, and persisting with whatever quality eventually will be churned,

A good work, sometime an effective flow state, it will help to be yearned,

Running after the perfect day is a fools trap,

Shifting things for the perfection condition is a theory full of crap,

The perfect moment is now, right now,

This is the charter to good work, this is the map,

Start writing daily, start trying to get a good day,

Eventually this routine will pay,

May not be perfect each day,

But you will learn to enjoy each moment and giving your best, might be only rewarding way,

Be kind to yourself, be understanding of your weakness and strengths,

Persistence will set you on path to perfection wavelength,

Even to fly, you will have to run to take off at will,

Divide days objectives, into happy achievable pill,

Will be easy to swallow defeats and winning will also prove all the same,

Take a break, recalibrate your ways,

Break free from perfection’s haze.

Cherish the moment, live in the now,

Perfection’s a myth, don’t let it cow.

Perfect day never existed, it’s cherishing the moment which is worthwhile,

Perfection is an addiction,

Its a contradiction,

To living conviction,

I chased a mirage, mirage it is in all it’s state,

it tangled me, it ate me up, never to appreciate,

It makes you nervously chuckle, forever dwell on retrospection,

Not knowing that the beauty lives, in the world around, in the imperfection.

I am not saying it can’t be done,

But running after it is a wrong depiction,

Be regular, be persistent to good honest work,

Perfection would follow you, take my word,

The best moment to live is now,

The best day to come is now,

The best version you have to present is a seed to plough,

It will take time, you will get better, give time to learn, give time to analyze, give some room to grow, to fly allow.

This life needs you to be kind,

A calm mind with good work to bind,

Is the treasure to find.

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